AQVA DIVA comes to Italy

AQVA DIVA is available also in Italy with a mix of unique, safe and effective wellness & beauty products.

AQVA DIVA is a trademark of AQUA DIVA s.r.l. an Italian company leader in technologies for hydro-saline baths.

The product line AQVA DIVA Wellness was created to transform the normal water of a pool or a spa into real wellbeing waters. AQVA DIVA mixtures of salts for electrolyte baths have been designed to make available, in any place, the benefits usually reserved to precious thermal waters. Thanks to advanced production techniques, AQVA DIVA gives the chance to recreate with simplicity the compositions of trace elements of the best waters in any SPA, or to create a mix of salts and minerals specifically for you, to make the water in your spa unique.

The product line AQVA DIVA Beauty consists in exfoliating salts with amazing effects on the wet skin and numerous beauty products in a variety of fragrances.

The floating line AQVA DIVA finally completes the offer with floatation tanks that offer a unique experience, relaxing the entire body with proven efficiency.

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