AQVA DIVA Peeling Sugar


It’s sweet pampering at its best, for your skin’s joy and that of those near you!

A sugar scrub is a wonderful way to exfoliate naturally. One of the most interesting things about a sugar scrub is that it combines manual exfoliation with a natural hydration of the skin, since sugar releases glycolic acid in small quantities.

It’s the perfect choice for dry skin: it rehydrates and does not itch – even when small abrasions are present.

Available fragrances: Passion Fruit, Chocolate-Vanilla (Chocovanilla), Cherry, Coconut-Vanilla. and Raspberry (new fragrance)

You’ll find AQVA DIVA Peeling Sugar in 40gr. and 225 gr. jars and 4 Kg. and 10 Kg. buckets.

Product notified to the Ministry of Health.



This is a product  AQVA DIVA.  AQVA DIVA  products are: enriched salts for the rethermalization of  SPAs and pools,  peeling salts and sugar, as well as other products for the wellbeing and the health of your body.