AQVA DIVA The Colours of Life


Pamper your body and mind thanks to the colours, the peeling and the regenerating actions of the Magnesium Sulphate contained in our Bath Salts:

  • Bath Salts – Raspberry: They are Red-coloured bath salts for a gratifying bath with pleasing raspberry fragrance. The delicate raspberry fragrance puts you in a good mood. The intense red colour communicates energy.
  • Bath Salts – Lavender: Blue-coloured bath salts. Their colour evokes silence, calm and tranquillity. Lavender has decongestant, refreshing and antiseptic properties.
  • Bath Salts – Mint: They are Green-coloured, Mint-flavoured bath salts, which will refresh, tone and purify your skin. The green colour will relax your mind.
  • Bath Salts – Citrus: They are Yellow-coloured, Citrus scented bath salts, with a sparkling and lively fragrance. The yellow colour inspires and awakens your joy of life.

How to use: pour 250 g. of the Colours of LIfe in the tub and sit for about 20 minutes.

Magnesium Sulphate-rich Colours of Life  are available in 500g. bottles.

Product notified to the Ministry of Health.



This is a product  AQVA DIVA.  AQVA DIVA  products are: enriched salts for the rethermalization of  SPAs and pools,  peeling salts and sugar, as well as other products for the wellbeing and the health of your body.