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AQVA DIVA is a trademark of AQUA DIVA s.r.l. We work in the development of technologies for electrolyte baths, as well as in the pharmaceutical field, and avail ourselves of the experience of Prof. Dr. Biener GmbH, an international Company which for over 40 years  has worked in research in the field of salts.

Our suppliers in Germany and  their highly qualified technical staff give us the chance to spread a new conception of well-being, based on competence and the scientific reliability in the use of salts.

… For your success!
Each spa or seaside resort can find in its mixture of water and trace elements the character that makes it unique.

AQVA DIVA was created to put at your center’s disposal the benefits of the best mineral springs in the world with a simple and effective system. With AQVA DIVA you can enrich your offer, customize treatments and achieve that unique blend of quality and effectiveness that you will call success.